Revolutionize Your Workout With These Easy-peasy Tips

The possible causes of your stagnation in bodybuilding can be multiple: always the same program, the same charges, overtraining, under-training, and insufficient sleep, lack of motivation or inadequate nutrition to the needs or the goal.

It is normal to cap one day or the other because the progression is never linear. But when it goes on, you have to react and question yourself, looking for the causes of stagnation. This is not always easy when you have habits or choose, from the start, a way of training that does not really suit us or more.

It should be known that with the years one progresses less and less and that the muscular gains are more and more difficult to obtain, especially when one approaches its maximum potential, its “genetic limits”.

The stagnation does not affect only long-time practitioners but often beginners and this after a few months of training. We will see what can be the main causes of stagnation and try to find a solution.

No training program!

It is already difficult to progress with a full body workout program of bodybuilding and a critical follow-up of the progression and the results obtained. But without a program, it is not surprising not to progress.

The concept of “instinct” training, without a workout from home program, is popular in gyms or magazines. According to its followers, you must listen to your body and not schedule your training sessions or their content: “The feeling is the secret of muscle growth! What they forget to tell you about these guys is that they are doped and whatever they do, they will progress! We always come back to the same point: the advice of the doped are not good to take. Yet who would dare to contradict a bodybuilder with a 55 cm arm circumference?

We therefore advise you to plan your training to progress and reach your goals. To do this, use a training book or fitness blog that will help you evaluate your progress day after day.